Thursday, December 15, 2011

Rotoscoping and Chroma keying : The tough necessities.

In the post production phase of even a highly creative and exciting movie, there are few works that will make even a really enthusiastic post production expert sulk. Any professional would agree that two most prominent tasks of this category are rotoscoping and choma keying. Rotoscoping and chromakeying are works in the post production process which are undoubtedly the most time consuming and trying. At the same time it is a fact that they are unavoidable in most of the contemporary video productions.

Rotoscoping is the frame by frame tracing process most often used to extract a moving image from a video to replace the background completely or partially or to add some sort of special effects to the shot. Chroma keying is a technique used to layer two images together. The basic principle used is making a selected color scheme in the top layer transparent revealing another desired image in the background. This makes it possible to shoot a moving subject in one convenient location and get a result which makes the viewer feel that the subject was actually shot in another desired location.

Having countless frames left to be rotoscoped or chroma keyed is a state that will be demoralizing for artists who prefer to keep doing new creative stuff rather than slogging on thousands of frames. Both rotoscoping and chroma keying are tasks which demand more grinding than skill or innovation. Every frame needs to be carefully cut either to replace the background or to extract the image, which calls in days or weeks of relentless diligence.
Outsourcing of post production works, mainly rotoscoping and chroma keying works, is a method that evolved turning out to be a boon to film makers. In Countries like the USA and UK, where film making is advanced and at the same time far more expensive compared to the developing countries like India. The reason for these developing countries maintaining lesser post production prices is mainly the easier availability of efficient human resources. Other than the availability of human resources, other reasons also contribute to this setting. By outsourcing the rotoscoping and chroma keying works the production house attains two major advantages. First one is cost cutting to a very large margin and second one is the increased availability of the company’s inhouse team for the more creative works of the production. There are numerous reasons for international production houses to outsource to India like consistent availability of creative and technical talent and availability of high end technologies at a much lower price.
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